Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Organize it ALL

We have been in our home now for 3 years and we love it, BUT nothing is organized. I have tried over the past 3 years to do things to help be more organized but they don't workout because the rest of the house needs organized. I end up organizing one room after another constantly, or just stop organizing and do the regular chores like dishes, bathroom cleaning, laundry, and so on. Our house is needs some help and attention, so I have decided to do a Organize the whole house challenge over the next 10 weeks. Hopefully blogging about it will help me see the progress I've made and keep me going when i wanna say I'm done!

This week I'm tackling the kitchen. This seems to be the place that stuff go to sit and wait. So i started at the top of the cabinets and I am working my way down! Wish me luck!